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The safety and security of our clients is of utmost importance to us.

We have round the clock vehicle tracking devices and laid out communication networks between the management, clients and drivers.

Short and long term operation lease

For short and long term operational lease, Tekra Car Rentals provides admirable services to ease the mobility of organizations. We have a well-planned scheme for staff daily mobility, company operations, conference and events logistics as well as a special package for schools.

Under this service, we take away the burden of vehicle maintenance, insurance, replacement and human resource management. We carry the burden for you while you give attention to other areas of core operations.

Under our asset lease terms, clients enjoy the benefits of choosing from any of our vehicles for an agreed lease rental period. Short term lease has a minimum period of 14 days while our long term operational lease scheme allows the vehicle to be leased over a fixed term for a long period of time. These attract a considerable level of discount compared to our daily call cab services. We also have an option available to own the car at an affordable price at the expiration of the lease period.

Fleet management services

Our Fleet management service covers an array of services such as: vehicle financing, vehicle maintenance, vehicle telematics (tracking and diagnostics), chauffeur management, speed management, fuel management and health and safety management.

Fleet Management is a function which allows companies who rely on transportation in their business activities to remove or minimize the risks associated with vehicle investment, thereby, improving efficiency, productivity and reducing their overall transportation and staff costs.

The benefits of this service include but are not limited to:
• Deriving transportation solutions as we will partner with you to provide all your business transportation needs
• Improved cash flow as our solutions will relieve you of the capital expenditure cost of acquiring fleet
• Frees up your credit lines for use in other core business as
• Saves you cost on human resource management such as training, health and safety as well as workman compensation
• Enhanced security through our round the clock tracking device features

Corporate complete logistics

As the cost of business operations continue to rise in Nigeria, the need for high quality assistance in planning, organizing and implementing logistics needs is on the increase.  Our business is based on the economic premise that our customers can obtain single source, expert logistics advice and services at reasonable prices.

Tekra Car Rentals has taken a customized, single sourced approach to its Services by offering companies a wide range of options and allowing them to pick and choose those services that are most beneficial for their companies. Our complete logistics solutions division is a natural outgrowth of our corporate logistics services. We have found that clients opt to hire an organization with domain expertise and outsource certain processes on a permanent or temporary basis. Although we recommend best practices, we do not dictate how our Services will be implemented, but would rather customize them to fit the customer’s business.

Our business is about building lasting relationships.  It is our mission to foster and support our client’s success.  When a client chooses our services, they place their full trust in us to deliver the quality service that they expect and deserve.  We earn that trust and respect by delivering the same quality service each and every time.  Our services are based on the intimate understanding of our clients’ needs and are backed by our comprehensive, long-term support and proven reliability.

Understanding the customer’s needs, Tekra Car Rentals develops a Complete Logistics Solution designed specifically for client, making it easy to do business with us. By outsourcing logistics opertaions to us, organisations can better coordinate their resources by tapping into our professional knowledge gotten from years of experience. Our expertise covers areas of transportation, hotels and accomodations, conferencing and security services etc.

Hotel reservation scheme

We are an all-round service provider as we understand the needs of our clients. Tekra is affiliated with many hotels and resorts across the country. We are able to provide the best advice on hotels within the city that best suites our clients’ needs.

By doing so, we take away the risk, surprises and unwanted hassles of booking hotels in an unfamiliar terrain.  We can also guarantee discounts at our partner hotels. With prices as low as Five thousand Naira (N5,000) for casual staff.

Meetings, conferences, tours & weddings

We also provide services for social and professional events involving corporate organizations, club activities, conferences, weddings, tours and audio/visual equipment.

We look for the best locations and reserve venues for our clients in line with their requirements. Our Total corporate solution ensures a one-stop shop when planning an event.

Security services

The need for reliable security for most business activities cannot be underestimated. Tekra Car Rentals provides security services to our clients who require it as a result of the nature of their corporate or personal activities.
Our affiliates are; The Nigerian Police and Maximum security company Nigerian limited.

Call cab services

At Tekra car rentals, we have vehicles available for day to day business and personal transactions. This service is available to clients who require a one-stop service within the metropolis (Intra-State) as well as those who require an hourly service.  This has been designed to ensure that our services are in line with our clients’ requirements.

Daily rental services

Our daily car rental service is customized to suit our clients who wish to rent our vehicles for a day. A well trained chauffeur with security background check will be available to ensure our clients transport demands are met. Our service runs round the clock (24/7). We are determined to ensure those who patronize our services are never shorthanded.

Inter-state transportation

We provide inter-state transport to all 36 states within Nigeria. Our drivers are well-versed with the road networks within Nigeria. We provide our chauffeurs with a journey management plan which consist of; proper road network mapping, security tips and tips on time management.

Our vehicles are straight from licensed dealers and are regularly maintained according to manufacturers’ guidelines.

As a result, our clients are guaranteed smooth and comfortable trips regardless of the duration of travel. Depending on the contract terms and agreement, our drivers welfare and energy cost are our sole responsibility.

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